Canadian born and bred filmmaker Christopher Donaldson started his career off working in the comic book industry, which lead him into animation for such shows as Batman, Gen 13 and Earthworm Jim. Over time he adapted his storytelling skills into advertising and worked for a variety of agencies and production companies as a storyboard artist where he worked and learned alongside some of the best directors, producers and storytellers the industry had to offer.

During this time Christopher began directing award winning music videos for such clients as ‘The Art Of Dying’ and ‘Cyanotic’ and building his craft in multiple directions. Including screenwriting movies for ‘Jackie Chan’, a sequel to ‘Judge Dredd’, ‘Bloodrayne 2’, ‘Act Of War’ and ‘Preacher’ based off of the award winning Graphic Novel by Garth Ennis, along with many others. This pushed Christopher to work move into the ‘Video Game Industry’ where he wrote such classic games as the multi-billion dollar franchise ‘Need For Speed’ and the snowboarding hit ‘SSX:On Tour’ among many others.

With all this experience under his belt, Christopher has forged into his directing career with a razor sharp focus on commercials and Feature Films. With an artists eye and a writers head… Chris’s award winning storytelling skills and boundary pushing visuals are helping to create some truly visceral and memorable work. Along with his award winning AD work Chris is currently working on an apocalyptic sci-fi feature called ‘YELLOW’. A hyper-action film called ’50 CALIBER’. A time travel thriller entitled ‘ION’ and two terrifying horror films called ‘SLEEPER’ and ‘FERAL’